About CK Orders, Custom Order Requests, Our Return & Exchange Policy

Orders FAQ

You'll find answers to our most frequently asked questions regarding ordering, checking order status, etc. below. If you can't find your answers here, feel free to reach out to us via email at info@colsenkeane.com or by phone at 704-385-5266 during business hours (Monday - Saturday, 9:30am - 5:00pm EST). Please understand that we are a small company comprised of 6 employees. We will do our best to respond immediately, but please allow for 1 full business day, especially if you reach out on a Sunday when we are closed.

I need to cancel the order I just placed. What should I do?

We would be happy to help you, as long as your order has not shipped.

Please send your cancel order request to us via email at info@colsenkeane.com. Please note that we are closed on Sundays and will not reply until the following day.

Can I change my order?

Yes, of course - the sooner the better, though, so if you are considering adding options to the bag you just ordered or you're considering upgrading to the Copper buckles instead of the Standard buckles, please reach out asap! Give us a call during business hours at 704-385-5266 or shoot us an email to info@colsenkeane.com so we can help.

Can I order a color or type of leather you don't currently offer?

No. Please see this page to learn about all of the various leather options we do have.

I've placed multiple orders recently. Can you combine shipping?

Absolutely! We would prefer to! We have likely noticed that you have multiple orders and plan on shipping them together already, but you may want to shoot us an email or give us a ring and point it out. If we're able to, we will pack everything together in as few boxes as possible.

I need help deciding on what bag options I really need. Can you help?

Definitely. These conversations can be nuanced and involved because we really want you to understand all of your options and to be able to answer all of your questions. Though we're happy to help answer a couple of brief questions over chat or email, you may want to call us instead. We are happy to speak to you and walk you through the website, not only answering your questions but telling you where to see images of what we're describing as well.

I need my order sooner than 14 business days. Can you help?

All non-leather goods will be shipped within 2 business days.

We appreciate that you value traditional hand craftsmanship, durable thick-cut construction, and the quality you can't find in a big-box store or massive e-commerce corporations. Your goods from ColsenKeane will be unlike any others you've purchased; each is given to a leathersmith to cut, punch, and stitch by hand after your order is placed.

Please understand that as such, we ask for 14 business days to complete all leather goods orders, prior to their shipping, so please plan accordingly. We understand that this sounds shocking in an age of Amazon era same-day deliveries, but we're not selling mass-produced, off the shelf goods; quality takes time.

Selecting expedited shipping options (such as 2-Day or Overnight) will only rush the shipping of your order, but not its production. If you need your order sooner, please email info@colsenkeane.com so we can review your request to rush your order. Please note that for larger products, such as bags, you may incur a rush fee to do so. If it's possible to accomodate you, we will - no guarantees can be made unless we offer and you accept a Rush Fee.

We ship Tuesday - Saturday only. All items ship from Charlotte, NC 28204 USA, please choose your shipping method accordingly.

What you should know about

Custom Orders

To us, a "custom" order is when you want our help in creating either a new product you need us to design & build to help you solve a problem (like, you can't find what you need anywhere else ready-made); or you'd like us to modify and recreate by our CK design aesthetics an existing product you've seen elsewhere.

If you've searched our website and can't find exactly what you're looking for, you are welcome to reach out about a custom project. While some things may be out of our wheelhouse, we are certainly open to considering your project.

Please keep reading and follow the steps below to have your project considered.

Steps to Follow & Things to Know

Please know in advance that we are a small team of 6 employees, making orders for our standard products as they come in. Due to the amount of labor, skill level and design/production time needed for custom projects (typically 4-6 weeks, longer during the Holiday season) our pricing begins at a minimum of $500 for smaller items and $1,000 for larger items and bags.

Check our Site

Many requests we receive are actually products we already make. Be sure to search our website first.

Send the Request

Please send us an email at info@colsenkeane.com and describe your project in detail, including approximate dimensions, features, leather choice, and purpose of the piece. Please attach sketches or photos for reference.

Be Reasonable

Understand that this is a specialty, bespoke, labor-intensive service. If you are more concerned with budget than creating a one-of-a-kind dream bag, this might not be the option for you. And, that's ok!

Next Steps

Once we've considered your proposal, we will be back in touch in a matter of days to let you know if we have agreed to take on the project and to provide a quote. Should you wish to move forward, we'll send over an invoice and, once paid, get started asap.

Custom Projects FAQ

You've got (a lot) of questions, and we've got answers!

Can you make me a custom bracelet?

Our smallest of custom projects starts at $500, and takes 4-6 weeks to complete - this includes bracelets.

Can you make me a sheath for my ninja sword?

Yes! We can even make one for your run-of-the-mill pocket knife. As with all custom requests, the custom sheath would start at $500, and likely go well up from there, especially if it's for your ninja sword. Please note, we must have your knife (of any size) in our studio for the entire design and production process. This means that if you have pressing ninja business, you'd need to hold off for 4-6 weeks while we had your blade.

I found this thing on Etsy...

You're probably better off to order it from there, too. While we're happy to have a look (follow the steps listed for submitting custom project requests), no matter how small, it'll still start at $500 for us to make it.

I'd like a bag with zippers. Can you do that?

Nope. We take great pride in hand-selecting the materials we use, and employ the highest-skilled leather smiths to be sure that the things we create will last a lifetime. In fact, they're guaranteed to. Guess what doesn't last a lifetime? ZIPPERS. We wish they did, but they just don't. So we don't use them, on anything.

Can you recreate this wallet with 20 card pockets?

Um, no. Not only are we about the minimalist aesthetic here at CK, but our wallets (even in the custom arena) are crafted from thick-cut, full-grain leather. If we built a wallet like that, it would be so thick, it definitely wouldn't fit in your pocket...might even weigh your pants down. Seriously, we won't compromise on the quality of leather and neither should you. Our standard wallet options carry plenty of cards, in fewer slots, and they're guaranteed to last.

Do you make motorcycle saddle bags?

Definitely, and we have! Please know that the leather quality often used by companies who mass produce and sell these in today's market are generally crafted from "genuine leather," and not full-grain. To learn the difference, please visit our page "Learn About Our Leather." As such, our bags will last significantly longer (and be way cooler, we think), but will also come with a price tag that reflects the quality of materials and skill of the makers. Additionally, your bike would need to be available at our studio space for fittings and during the design process.

Can you make a belt for a buckle I already have?

Absolutely! We don't even consider this a custom project. The price for this will depend upon the width of leather needed based upon your buckle (not the length, that's your size) and the leather you choose for your belt, as some hides are more expensive. You can get a good idea of the prices by shopping our belts section. Once you pick your style and leather, there is just that cost + a small surcharge of $35 for the custom fee to fit your buckle. Have questions or need assistance placing your order? Shoot us an email or give us a call!

I'd like to make something new from this jacket I have. Can you help?

Sorry, no. We only work on leather we've selected and have in-house. We don't work on any "outside" leather.

Can you repair this leather [dealer's choice]?

No, we don't offer leather repair. Our business is about designing and handcrafting heirloom-quality leather goods. We only repair our own products. We also (sadly) don't have a resource for who you can reach out to for repairs. It likely depends upon the item. For instance, leather shoes or bags? A "shoe cobbler" may be able to help (google "shoe cobblers near me" to find one and ask). Leather jacket or pants? A "tailor" that works with leather clothing could potentially help. A rip in your leather chair? Maybe a furniture repair person? And so on.

Can you make me a pair of leather pants?

Sadly, no. We think you're going to look fire in your new leather pants and wish we could help make that happen for you, but the design, production process, equipment and materials used for clothing is so much different than our focus, which is in bags and other small leather goods. Send us a pic after they're made though!

Do you make gun holsters?

Sorry, we don't.

Everything you need to know about


We have a 15-day return policy, which means you have 15 days after receiving your eligible item to request a return or exchange. Packages shipped back to us for exchange or return must be received at our studio or postmarked within a 30-day window of customer's original receipt. We do not offer free return shipping. Absolutely no exceptions.

The original shipping fee is non-refundable for returns or exchanges, except in case of a shipping error or manufacturing defect. We do not offer free shipping of any kind outside the Continental United States.

To be eligible for a return or exchange, your item must not be considered a non-returnable item (read more below), must be be in the same condition that you received it, unworn or unused and in its original packaging. To request a return, please contact us via email at info@colsenkeane.com for return authorization. Include your order number, date received and reason for return. If your return is accepted, we will provide instructions on how to return your order within 1 business days. Please note that any request sent on Sundays will not be replied to until the next day. Items sent back to us without first requesting a return authorization may not be accepted. Please also note that all orders authorized for return must be received at our studio within 30 days of receipt.

Gift orders placed between November 1st - December 25th that fit our criteria for being returnable, are eligible by January 10th of the following year. CK products received as gifts can be returned for store credit only.

Exceptions / Non-Returnable Items

Unfortunately some items are ineligible for return. Please find details below by clicking each topic heading to open the related page. If your particular item isn't featured in this section, it is likely eligible for return. Please get in touch if you have questions about your specific item.

Products with optional features are ineligible for return/refund. If you are within the 15 day return window, we will offer an opportunity to return your purchase for store credit only.

Optional features mean features that don't come on the product as a standard feature but instead have a separate charge to add them. Examples include:

  • monogramming
  • added exterior pockets
  • added card pockets
  • added rollerboard straps
  • added newspaper pocket
  • added backpack option
  • upgraded Copper buckles
  • company or personal logos stamped into the leather

We believe monogramming is an important part of creating an heirloom product and encourage you to do so when making an informed purchase. All monogrammed products are ineligible for return and exchange because our monograms are stamped into the leather and are only removable by cutting that portion of the leather off which, for most items we make, ruins the design entirely. Please research our website and ask all questions you may have prior to ordering so we can help make your heirloom dreams come true.

All custom orders are ineligible for return and exchange. Our custom process involves working with our Lead Designer to design a new one-off product, or to make custom edits (like bag sizes, etc) to existing products. These are goods that can not be resold as they are your design.

Custom orders also refers to belts that are custom-fitted to size.

Special orders for archived designs and special orders for mixed leather colors on one product are ineligible for return.

Sample Sale items, Final Sale items and merchandise purchased from our Seasoned Collection are not eligible for return.

Gift cards can not be returned for cash, nor cancelled after purchase.

Perishable goods such as food items, handmade soaps, handmade candles, and personal care products such as beard oils and butters are not eligible for return.

We stock two styles of Red Wing Heritage boots. Requests for special orders for styles we don't stock are non-returnable due to the fees we incur for one-off orders from Red Wing.



Please contact us at info@colsenkeane.com within 15 days of receipt of your order to request to exchange a purchase.

Exchanges will be processed once the original item has been received. All orders returned for exchange must be received at our studio within 30 days of receipt.

Customer is responsible for return shipping costs. In some cases a store credit will be issued once your return is received, so that you may then order what you'd like.


There is no standardization practice when it comes to belt sizing. This means that the belt size you wear in any other brand, may not be the right fit in our belts. Your waist size in pants is also not an accurate way to measure for or order our belts. Please read below for to learn more.

How to Measure

To find your correct ColsenKeane belt size, lay your current belt flat on a flat surface, such as a table. Ensure the buckle is facing up. Use a measuring tape to measure from the point where the buckle connects to the belt to the hole you currently use most frequently (NOT the billet end of the belt).

2 Ways to Order

We offer a range of standard sizes, each with 7 total belt holes, to allow for some size change through the years:

  • XS (25-29 inches)
  • S (30-34 inches)
  • M (35-39 inches)
  • L (40-44 inches)
  • XL (45-49 inches)

Your belt measurement should be used to find your standard belt size. If you find yourself in between these sizes (perhaps on the first or last hole, sizing-wise), you may want to order a custom-fit belt. Custom-fit belts will feature 5 belt holes, with your exact measurement being the middle hole. Please reach out to us for help ordering a custom-fit belt.

Not right?

If all steps were taken for a proper fit and it’s still not quite right, please reach out to us right away. Keep reading to see return and exchange options for various scenarios.


If you ordered a belt using our standard sizing options (XS-XL, with 7 holes), you are within our return window of 15 days since receipt of your order, and your belt does not contain a monogram, you may return your belt for a refund if you'd like.

If you ordered a custom-fit belt sized to your exact measurement (34", 36" etc, with 5 holes), your belt can only be exchanged for store credit within our 15 day window and will incur a restocking fee of $25.