The Seasoned Collection

Our entire ethos is built on a long lasting, sustainable product. Crafted by hand with the promise we will always repair or replace, it's the antithesis of fast fashion. 

These bags have had a first run of adventure, and were no longer someone's bag of choice for various reasons. Perhaps the second decade of your career means more travel, and you need a bigger bag. Or vice versa - a world traveler becomes someone who commutes only a mile or two and just needs a slim satchel compared to their overnight companion. 

The items in this collection have all come back into our shop through our Buyback Program, and been rigorously gone over by our knowledgeable leathersmiths. We clean, condition, and repair as necessary to prepare these pieces for their next run. 

With a lifetime guarantee, you can purchase from this section knowing you're getting a handmade ColsenKeane Leathergood at a reduced price, with an amazing patina already begun. It's like prewashed denim - looking good right out of the box.

Returns are not eligible on bags purchased from the seasoned section.


If you have a ColsenKeane bag that's no longer in heavy rotation and you're interested in an upgrade or something different, you should consider our Bag Buyback Program

Reach out to us and we may be interested in buying it back from you in exchange for  store credit. We will then repair it, give it a thorough reconditioning, and find it a new home through our Seasoned Bag Collection. You get store credit towards your next order, someone else gets an awesome bag with a history.

Email with front, back, and inside photos of your bag and we will send you a quote. No charge, no hassle.