Looking for leather learning?

Welcome to the School of Leather

Welcome to our Leather School, where craftsmanship meets creativity! Join us for in-person learning in our Charlotte, NC studio via either a 10-week internship program, where you'll dive into the world of leather crafting, with a focus on small leather goods and hand-stitching our iconic Satchels; or through a brief few-hours course where you can schedule a time to meet individually (or as a group!) with our expert leather smith to learn how to make your own bag that you then take home.

If you prefer to learn from the comfort of your own space, explore our at-home Stitch Kits! These kits are delivered right to your doorstep, complete with materials and a step-by-step YouTube video tutorial, making it easy to unleash your leather working skills.

Discover the art of traditional leather craft with us, whether in our workshops or from the comfort of your own home. Learn with us and develop the skills to create something truly unique—a bespoke piece of art crafted with your own two hands. Unlock your creative potential and discover the timeless beauty of traditional leather crafting.

We're excited to bring you these options and look forward. to working with you. More opportunities and at-home Stitch Kits available soon. Keep watching this space!

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