Time leaves its mark on us.

We believe that your personal time-mark is art.

When we transcend surrounding ourselves with disposable nonsense and create pieces of value and travel companions, if you will, the patina of our lifestyle allows the well-made items we own, wear and carry to rise in value. If wine took the form of an accessory, we’re setting out to create it.

The non-particle board heirlooms that make their way through dusty antique shops, estate sales and your great grandfather’s attic are loaded with as much or more memory as they are monetary value.

My sons are sleeping in bunk beds that 

my Grandfather and his brother,

my Father and his brother

and my brother and I

also shared.

And as I tuck my boys into bed at night and we try to decipher the fingernail-etched initials in the headboards we then become part of the same story my grandfather and his brother began over 80 years ago. This double decker sleeping structure was simply built and designed to survive many more generations. I can only hope my grandsons and great grandchildren will read bedtime stories in it one day. You can’t find this at Ikea, my friends.

In our modern society, it’s next to impossible to find long-haul products. Passion-infused items crafted with fanatical detail. At ColsenKeane, we believe our leather pieces are creating form, function AND narrative.

The dopp kit you purchase from us could be the one your grandson will one day carry his razor in.  Or, that satchel you use to trek through the streets of NYC on your way to a board meeting will be the same bag carrying your daughter’s books across her university campus. They’ll want it not just because it is a great accessory but because YOU weathered it, used it and hand-etched your mark on it. And it’s the better for it.

We desire to create pieces that are highly practical yet head-turning. Inspired by simplicity and a deep sense of clean form, I believe American-made products should be rooted in rugged individualism. 

Be forewarned, investing in heirloom quality items can be completely addictive. It makes the throw-away items we’re surrounded by pale in comparison. If you find yourself placing your ColsenKeane bag on the table at the café across from you and proudly staring at it while you sip your coffee, don’t worry, you’re not alone. Be ready for people to stop you on the concourse, in the office, on your campus and at the coffee shop…in a sea of cookie cutter belts, cases, bags and accessories, your ColsenKeane leather will scream originality, old-soulishness and American craftsmanship.

Scott Hofert, Founder

BIO - Scott Hofert

Scott Hofert, Founder and Head Leather Smith of ColsenKeane Leather based in Charlotte, NC is a self-confessed leather junkie, father, husband, former world-traveler turned homebody and non-profit leader. He spent his twenties traveling the world for his job…over 40 countries in about 25 years. In all his travels he was on the hunt for high-end leather products…the ideal bag, case or the wallet that would fit his needs and weather his lifestyle. So many of the leather products he found were flimsy, cheesy or had so many pockets and compartments when all he wanted was something simple, rugged and durable.  His interest in leather was initially more in the area of consumption than creation.

His cultural exposure brought him to a conclusion: he loved things that age well….long-haul items. Non-disposable things. The equivalent of wine in an accessory. That ethos was really the impetus for the inception of ColsenKeane. Embodying the antithesis of cookie-cutter. No matter where you go, own the process of your journey in tactile form. You can hold a bag that holds your story.

He started ColsenKeane in a necessity-is-the-mother-of-invention fashion when he began creating unique leather products for himself that he couldn’t seem to find elsewhere. A simple, rugged toiletry case. A vintage styled iPad cover when the first iPad was released. From there, it took off. He realized other people were looking for the same thing he was. He makes the products he’d want for himself.  It’s that simple. Inspired by simplicity and a deep sense of clean form, he believes American-made products should be rooted in rugged individualism.

ColsenKeane is a small family-owned business gaining national and international notoriety. Comprised of four leather smiths, including himself, the ColsenKeane artisans spend fanatical amounts of time on attention to detail, customizing and designing.  Everything is made to order so they have the capacity to tweak and individualize based on the needs of clients. One of their customers told Scott that he only owns “one of everything”. He wanted his ColsenKeane bag to be his ONE bag.

Scott is originally from Buffalo, New York where his father (like his grandfather and great-grandfather before him) ran the family business: Hofert Jewelers in the heavy foot-trafficked village of Kenmore, NY. Although Scott never seemed to have the interest in watchmaking and gemology like the generations preceding him, the first time he sat at his workbench to create a leather piece, he felt as though it was in his DNA. His canvas became leather and his muse was the technology he wanted to encase. With ColsenKeane, he too has a family-named business (the moniker ColsenKeane is derived from Scott’s sons’ first names) and although he’s working with a different medium, he is also taking something time-weathered and manipulating it. Hand-crafting it. Connecting with history in a meaningful, tactile way. Subterranean connection to history and making things that generations to come will share is the ethos on which we founded ColsenKeane.