Introducing our Buyback Program & Seasoned Bag Collection

We are always procuring new bags or items, check back often!

Old is new. A lifetime guarantee doesn't necessarily mean a lifetime with you.

We want your loved bags. Maybe your lifestyle has changed, and you find your needs lean towards a duffle rather than a satchel. Or, there's a new bag of ours you've had your eye on.

Our entire ethos is built on a long lasting, sustainable product. Crafted by hand with the promise we will always repair or replace, it's the antithesis of fast fashion. 

If you find yourself no longer using your bag, reach out to us and we may be able to buy it back from you with store credit. We will repair it, give it a thorough reconditioning, and find it a new home through our Seasoned Bag Collection. You get store credit towards your next order, someone else gets an awesome bag with a story. Win/win.

Email with front, back, and inside photos of your bag and we will send you a quote. No charge, no hassle. 

Returns are not eligible on bags purchased from the resale section.



Shop the Seasoned Collection of bags that come from our Buyback Program here: