A Lifetime Guarantee Doesn't Have to Mean a Lifetime With You.

Welcome to our BuyBack Program

In 2020, we introduced our BuyBack program with the goal of offering a cost-effective solution to customers who have been using a CK bag and are looking to transition to a new one that better suits their needs.

Rather than keeping the used bag in the back of your closet and paying full price for a new one, the program seeks to provide an opportunity for you to trade it in for store credit towards your new bag.

The bags we collect from this program go through a rigorous inspection by our knowledgeable leather smiths, being cleaned and conditioned, and repaired as needed.

We then offer the used bags for sale in our Seasoned Collection. This helps you bring down the cost of your next purchase; it helps us make sales; and it helps others who want our products, but need a lower access point. It also increases the sustainability of what we're doing, keeping bags in use and out of landfills.

Steps to Have Your Bag Considered for Our Program

Follow the steps listed below to have your bag considered for the program. Please understand that we can't take every bag for a variety of reasons depending upon the type, season, condition, and more.

Take Photos

In a well-lit area, take photos of your bag. We will want to see:

  • the interior of the bag, including any leather dividers you may have
  • the exterior of the front (with flap closed), and the back.
  • the base (or bottom) of the bag
  • any areas with excessive wear or defect/damage from use

Send Them to Us

Send the photos of your bag attached to an email and send them to us at info@colsenkeane.com, subject line: "BuyBack Program." Include in your email your full name, any information you'd like to share about the bag, and any details we should know.

Wait for a Reply

We will reply to your email within 1 business day, letting you know whether or not we will be able to offer a store credit for your bag. Please note that we do not buy bags back for cash. We will instead issue a store credit to you via email that will never expire and you can use it purchase anything else you'd like, including a new bag.

Ship it back

If we have agreed to take your bag in exchange for store credit and you have accepted the credit amount, please pack your bag up safely for shipping. We will provide address details at that time. We recommend placing it in plastic before putting it into a cardboard box, to protect the leather from rubbing against its box. We also recommend insuring your package for the cost of the bag. This is done at your local post office or UPS store. We are not responsible for bags lost in shipment.

BuyBack Program FAQ

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What types of bags do you consider for the program?

Currently, we are considering our Satchels, Tote Bags, Duffles and Rugged Tool Bags.

Which products do you not consider?

We are not currently accepting any small leather goods (Wallets, Valet Trays, Portfolio Cases, etc), Clutches and Purses (like our Campbell Crossbody).

How much will you give me for my bag?

This varies so much. We determine the amount based upon condition of the bag, demand for the style of bag, and so forth. It really depends. Generally, bags will start at $350-$450.

I have a custom bag I'd like to trade in. Will that work?

Maybe. It really depends upon what it is and what features and leather choice it contains. Please remember that a custom bag is something you wanted specifically for your purposes; others may not have the same requirements or taste, and that will likely determine whether we'd accept it into our program and how much credit we'd be able to offer.

Will you buy my bag from another brand for store credit?

No. We are only interested in our own CK bags for this program.

What do you do with the bags you take in on trade in this program?

We clean, condition and repair them and then offer them for sale as used bags in our Seasoned Collection.