Handcrafted Full-Grain Leather Satchels

Our hand-built, full-grain leather satchels are the perfect accessory for carrying computers, notebooks, work documents, and anything else that must be kept on hand as you navigate your daily routine.

If you’re comparing our handcrafted satchels to factory-made alternatives from other brands, the first thing you will notice is the price difference. You’re probably wondering why ColsenKeane satchels are at a premium price point — but the thing is, that question answers itself. Our leather satchels aren’t made with cheap materials on an assembly line; they’re made by hand at our workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Comprised of robust, heirloom-quality leather that’s been carefully selected from prime beefy hides, our accessories are built to last for the long haul, which means this could be the last satchel you ever buy.   

It’s Not a Man Purse… It’s Called a Satchel

Some men are hesitant to wear satchels due to fears of being ridiculed for owning a “man purse” or “murse.” But Indiana Jones wears a satchel, along with many other rugged individuals who are well-versed in modern men’s fashion. In other words, there’s absolutely nothing emasculating about carrying your computer in a fine leather satchel. An American-made buffalo leather satchel provides both style and functionality, while offering far more longevity than other messenger bags you’ll find on shelves at the mall. Our superb leather satchels are each one-of-a-kind artworks that help tell your story as they traverse the terrain of your daily life year after year, right by your side.

Sophisticated Satchels Crafted With Full Grain Leather

When you buy backpacks, briefcases, and other accessories for transporting your personal belongings, are you mindful of how long they will last? As you are waiting in the checkout line, do you envision the day that you inevitably throw those items in the trash or sell them for six dollars at a garage sale? Let’s face it: most people are unable to keep their accessories in usable condition for longer than a few years. However, it’s not their fault — it’s the lack of care that goes into making most accessories. With a unique, vintage-style satchel from ColsenKeane in your possession, your personal carry-on needs are covered for the rest of your life! Because our business model revolves around quality, not quantity.

Benefits of Owning a Durable Leather Satchel

If you’re still unsure how you could benefit from a leather satchel, here are some reasons why you may want to consider adding these excellent accessories to your wish list:

      Great Storage Capacity

      Keeps You Organized

      Easy Access to Belongings

      Easy to Carry

      Adjustable Strap for Comfort

      Modern & Stylish Appeal

 These are just the benefits of owning a satchel in general — when you own a ColsenKeane satchel, you get the added benefits of durability, longevity, rugged style-appeal, and you can even pass the accessory down to your children as an heirloom item when you retire.

Get Heirloom-Quality Leather Satchels at ColsenKeane

To get your hands on a one-of-a-kind satchel that’s been handcrafted with heirloom-quality leather, place an order with ColsenKeane today! Whether you’re looking for a cowhide backpack, a handmade leather clutch bag, or a full-grain leather satchel, we have all the sophisticated accessories you could ever dream of — reach out to us for more information!

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