Get to Know

Our Founder

Dr. Scott Hofert is the founder and lead designer of ColsenKeane Leather Goods & Provisions based in Charlotte, NC. A self-confessed leather goods junkie, father of two sons, husband, former world traveler turned homebody, aspiring but still novice yogi and semi-reluctant vintage Airstream restorer, Scott spent his twenties working in humanitarian aid in over forty countries, his thirties starting a family and a spiritual community in an urban setting and began his American made leather goods company at age forty. Obsessed with entrepreneurship, transformation, creating and implementing new initiatives, cultivating spirituality in community, empowering the marginalized and co-leadership, his greatest joys are found in building the kind of family, community and goods that are made to last the long haul.

What's in a Name


Many inquiries come our way about our company's name and its pronunciation. "ColsenKeane" holds a special place in our hearts, as it is a loving tribute to our cherished sons, "Colsen" and "Keane." Our deep affection for our family shines through, with hopes that someday, the legacy of our business will be passed on to our boys, should they wish, embodying more than just a name but a meaningful tradition.

A Note From Scott


We spend our days designing and building the kind of bags that will last for generations to come. In fact we joke that we make bags your grandchildren will fight over one day.

Time leaves its mark on us, after all. 

When we transcend surrounding ourselves with disposable nonsense and create pieces of value and travel companions, the patina of our lifestyle allows the well-made items we own, wear and carry to rise in value. If wine took the form of an accessory, we’re setting out to create it.

The non-particle board heirlooms that make their way through dusty antique shops, estate sales and your great grandfather’s attic are loaded with as much or more memory as they are monetary value.

My sons are sleeping in bunk beds that my Grandfather and his brother, my Father and his brother, and my brother and I also shared.

And as I tuck my boys into bed at night and we try to decipher the fingernail-etched initials in the headboards we then become part of the same story my grandfather and his brother began over 80 years ago. This double-decker sleeping structure was simply built and designed to survive many more generations. I can only hope my grandsons and great grandchildren will read bedtime stories in it one day. You can’t find this at Ikea, my friends.

In our modern society, it’s next to impossible to find long-haul products. Passion-infused items crafted with fanatical detail. At ColsenKeane, we believe our leather pieces are creating form, function and narrative.

The dopp kit you purchase from us could be the one your grandson will one day carry his razor in.  Or, that satchel you use to trek through the streets of NYC on your way to a board meeting will be the same bag carrying your daughter’s books across her university campus. They’ll want it not just because it is a great accessory but because YOU weathered it, used it and hand-etched your mark on it. And it’s the better for it.

We desire to create pieces that are highly practical yet head-turning. Inspired by simplicity and a deep sense of clean form, I believe our products are rooted in rugged individualism. 

Be forewarned, investing in heirloom quality items can be completely addictive. Be ready for people to stop you on the concourse, in the office, on your campus and at the coffee shop to ask where you got that bag, because in  a sea of cookie cutter belts, cases, bags and accessories, your ColsenKeane leather good will scream originality, old-soulishness and traditional craftsmanship.


Scott Hofert, Founder