Handcrafted Full-Grain Leather Backpacks

Don’t look now, but backpacks are making a comeback.

However, you don’t have to dig through your attic to find that old knapsack from your college or high school days. You deserve a sophisticated bag that complements your lively character. You need a unique handcrafted leather backpack that’s as mature as you are — a bag that fits snugly with your one-of-a-kind personality. At ColsenKeane, our American-made full-grain leather backpacks are made by hand — never an assembly line. Each accessory is like an exclusive work of art that only you own. Stay with us for more insight into the passion and hard work that we put into our products.

American-Made Backpacks Crafted With Full-Grain Leather

Our handcrafted leather backpacks are always made with full-grain leather right here at our workshop in Charlotte, North Carolina. Each bag is comprised of heirloom-quality leather that’s been hand-cut from carefully chosen beefy hides and hand-stitched the old-fashioned way — one at a time. Our leather smiths pay relentless attention to detail, which enables them to produce distressed leather bags that look old and weathered but last longer than a lifetime.

The Antithesis of Cookie-Cutter Backpacks

You can buy into the backpack comeback without selling out — you just need to find a bag that nobody else has. The handcrafted leather backpacks and leather accessories you can buy online here at ColsenKeane are all one-of-a-kind artworks that match your rugged individualism perfectly, unlike no other products. We couldn’t produce two identical backpacks even if we tried, because we’re not machines with computer programs — we’re human beings with hearts. The work we do isn’t easy, but it sure is rewarding when customers appreciate our creations so much that they hand it down to their children as heirloom items.

Compatible With Your Complex Lifestyle

The handcrafted leather backpacks we create on our workbench here in North Carolina are built with generational durability. In other words, we make our products for you, your children, your grandchildren, their grandchildren, and everyone else in your family who hasn’t been born yet. But let’s focus on the bag’s first partner: you. Our handcrafted leather backpacks have what it takes to stay by your side (or rather, on your back) you no matter where life takes you. With such a versatile appeal, you can wear your vintage-style leather backpack in any setting, no matter how formal or informal.

Who Says Backpacks Can’t Be Sophisticated?

If you’ve been holding back on joining the backpack bandwagon because you’re worried that they don’t match your sophisticated style, you have it all wrong. You just need the right backpack. At ColsenKeane, we are committed to providing products that last FOR THE LONG HAUL. We’re obsessed with perfecting all the small details because we know that they make a big difference for you.

Got questions about our handcrafted leather backpacks, how they are made, or the quality of our full-grain leather? Give us a call, and we’ll gladly provide all the answers you need! Otherwise, feel free to take a peek at our inventory — you just might find your next travel companion!