Artisan Handcrafted Leather Bags

Our in-house Leathersmiths hand craft each bag with such attention to detail that we guarantee it for life.


We strive to make our artisan hand-stitched leather bags feel old-soulish yet timeless, giving you the ability to pass down our goods for generations to come while preserving our signature vintage style. Click through to our website to browse distressed leather bags, vegetable-tanned leather bags, artisan leather handbags, and more!

Leather Satchels

Designed to be the toughest handbags on the market, we offer our classic leathers as well as a limited variety of specific beefy hides that we love working with. While our standard size functions well as a briefcase with minimal excess, our large artisan leather bag is great for those who need to fit a laptop, in addition to a large number of notebooks, water bottles, and other accessories. While all of your essentials can fit in the satchel, you can stand out from the crowd; optional monogramming is available for our one-of-a-kind leather satchels.

Classic Handmade Leather Bag

These artisan handcrafted leather bags are ideal for both bringing your work into the office and gearing up for the weekend. This satchel comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, because we know that a versatile lifestyle demands a versatile bag, and ColsenKeane has got you covered.

The Traveler

Your new travel companion. While daily commutes are hectic and traveling long-distance is anything but a breeze, this satchel provides you hands-free mobility while comfortably carrying your tablet, bottle, documents, and more. The hand-crafted traveler comes with a leather shoulder strap.

Utility Bag

In-between our satchels' compactness and our duffles' durability, our artisan handcrafted leather bag is perfect for those out in the field and on the move. As the workhorse of our lineup, this bag is sure to make your tasks easier and more organized. We provide an optional removable padded insert for customizing the way you pack up and unload.

Duffle Bag

The universal utility bag. This duffle provides you a solution for when you want your shoes, clothes, meals, or gear — all in one container. Made with the industry’s most durable leather, this handcrafted bag is perfect for the traveling businessman, urban-explorer, or world traveler.


Our hand-stitched rucksacks serve as a satchel-backpack hybrid, perfect for being multi-functional when it comes to transitioning from a carrier for your study materials to an overnight bag. These artisan handcrafted leather bags come with a standard front pocket, leather straps, and removable side pockets.


Our hand-stitched totes utilize a minimalist design to provide you easy access to things you need by your side. Interior pockets keep your smaller items organized, and the snap closure means you can leave it closed or open.

Rugged Tool Bag

Get your equipment from your home to the job site and back with no complications. Our triangular taper design makes it easy to store both heavy and lighter items, while the wide opening lets you or your fellow workers grab what is needed quickly and easily.

Campbell Crossbody

Our crossbody is the perfect size for what you need to carry every day. The flap is long enough that you won’t have to keep it continuously clipped. The bag’s single strap allows you the option to carry it straight on one shoulder or cross it diagonally to the opposite hip.

Additional Features

  • If you aren’t sure which leather is right for you, request swatches online to feel and see for yourself.
  • We invite you to our workshop to build your bag with one of our veteran leather smiths.
  • We offer you liquid saddle soap to maintain your leather goods for life.
  • Give the gift of ColsenKeane artisan handcrafted leather bags by purchasing a gift certificate ranging from $50-$1000.

ColsenKeane Artisan Handcrafted Leather Bags

If you are looking for painstaking attention to detail, look no further than ColsenKeane. We offer a wide variety of artisan handcrafted leather bags as well as accessories, small goods, leather weekend duffle bags, and handmade cowhide purses. If you are looking for artisan leather handbags, distressed leather bags, handmade leather bags, or vegetable tanned leather bags, contact ColsenKeane today.

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