Our Philosophy

At ColsenKeane Leather we are obsessed with using the best hides in the world. We only use full grain leather, which is the highest quality leather you can get, far superior to the “genuine leather” commonly used by larger brands. The vast majority of our leathers products are made with hides sourced, tanned and treated here in the United States.

What is Full Grain Leather?

The strongest and most durable part of the hide of an animal is just below the hair. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight, and the leather made from here is called "full-grain" leather. Full-grain leather is the strongest and most durable leather. Additionally, since the grain is so tight, it resists moisture very well. Over time, full-grain leather will look nicer and nicer and develop a patina from being handled. 

Our ColsenKeane Leather Library:

Crazy Horse

Our Crazy Horse leather is a US sourced and chrome tanned cowhide that’s made by applying special purpose waxes to a full grain surface. These waxes are melted and migrated under frictional heat. As a result when the leather surface is rubbed the color of the rubbed portion changes, which does not reverse immediately. This exhibits an antique effect.  One of the first things I do with any new crazy horse item I make for myself is to bend and fold the piece as much as possible.  The oils and colors seem to burst from the hide.

Havana Brown

The Havana Brown leather is our newest hide that we can't get enough of! This hide is a US sourced cowhide that has been vegetable tanned. The rich hue with highs and lows of coloring throughout to create a texture truly unique to this hide. We think the Havana Brown hide has great versatility, the unique texture gives it the ability to look professional and rugged at the same time. The finishing treatment on the hide also makes this a great option for people in rainy climates because it's extremely easy to wipe the rain or snow from the hide. 

Scotch Grunge

Our Scotch Grunge Leather is a US sourced and tanned cowhide that’s gone through a rigorous and more eco-friendly vegetable tanning process. This particular leather is packed with waxes and oils giving Scotch Grunge it’s signature look and durability. These grunge hides have what we call a “pull-up effect”.  When pulled (pushed from the back), the oils and waxes cause the color to migrate to the surface and become lighter in pulled areas. A look associated with quality leather.  Due to the light coat of wax across the surfaces, these bags fare well in rainy climates because it’s so easy to wipe off the rain, dust or snow from these bags.

Natural Tan

Our Natural Tan leather is a cowhide that takes someone who has a vision to watch their leather piece literally change every day.  Because this leather has almost no protective coating and is essentially a blank slate, it absorbs every bit of its surrounding (rain drops, the oils in your hands, the spilled tea, etc.) The light and sun will literally “sunburn” the hide to a beautiful copper patina.  For the person who longs for their leather piece to tell the story of where they have been, then this natural tan is for you.  Some of our customers will leave their belt or bag sitting in the front seat of the car for a few days as it changes.  This hide responds very well to our Liquid Saddle Soap and will help accelerate the changing process. The below photo shows how natural tan leather starts (shown on the right) and what it will look like as it ages (shown on the left). 

Glazed Tan

A beautifully full aniline belting leather made on high quality full grain buffalo hide. This leather is possibly the toughest of our different hides, insanely durable. Each piece is completely unique with the varying almost crackled finish. The feel is very dense while still maintaining a nice suppleness.

Burnt Sienna

A gorgeous US hide that is buttery soft to the touch. The rich, almost amber color is beautifully finished and smells even better. The softness lends itself well to smaller, less rigid forms and will form like a glove around what you choose to carry in it.

Denali Brown

Soft, supple, with a fantastic grain. This oil tan makes a traditional mailbag shape possible.

Deep Black

A classic, soft matte black cow hide leather with a clean look. It resists marks well and ages beautifully.

Limited Hides 

The Buffalo Collection:

We fell in love with these hides the moment we started working with them. Buffalo has an amazing, soft supple feel while maintaining an intense density and incredible durability. It is the perfect look going from meeting clients in the field to meetings in the boardroom.

Hawthorne Brown

This leather was named after the cross street by our shop, Hawthorne Lane. It's a true brown with very subtle grey undertones.

Relaxed Mahogany

Perhaps the sleekest and most professional of our leathers, this screams to be paired with a crisp suit and a fresh cut. It is a rich brown with an extremely subtle burgundy undertone.

Distressed Buffalo

The distressed finish will continue to age with a unique and vintage feel, pairing that old-world vibe with modern features. Although it is full grain, the velvety finish marks up beautifully.

Buffalo Black

A true matte black, these leather bags could go either way. Whether the classic motorcycle look is your jam, or a crisp white shirt and black suit is what calls your name we have you covered. 

Doctor Blue

We let our geek flags fly with this one. It has an amazing lighter pull-up effect on the bends, and is a rich blue with a gorgeous sheen on it.

British Racing Green


Natural Markings 

Common leather markings include: shading variations, healed scratches, neck wrinkles, insect bites, barbed wire marks, stretch marks, vein marks and brands are all part of the unique look that each of our pieces express.  If you are looking for “perfect” unmarked leather then you are looking for something that has been overly treated and not as true to the hide.  By definition, we value the leather “imperfections” in our products.

Colors of the Hides

Because the colors you see will depend on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. Also, colors may vary due to differences in dye lots.