Custom Belts with the Perfect Fit

Custom Belts with the Perfect Fit

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Did you know that there is no standardized belt sizing practice in the industry? This means the belt size you wear from one manufacturer may not be the size you get from another. Additionally, your belt size likely will not match your pants' waist size. You don’t want to get stuck with a belt that wraps too far around your waist or one that just barely fits. Lucky for you ColsenKeane has a specific sizing method to make sure our belts fit you perfectly!


Our Method for Determining the Perfect Fit:

Using a belt that you already own and fits you well, lay it out flat. Measure from one end (not including the buckle) to the hole that you most frequently use. If, for example, your belt measures 35" from the tip of leather (near buckle) to the hole most used, then select the 35" measurement (even if your pant size is 33" or every belt you own is a size 34"). If it measures at half size (like 34.5"), please select the next available size up (35"). We then custom handcraft you a belt using the length of the most used hole on your old belt as the middle hole on your new one!


The Last Belt You'll Ever Need.

Our customized belts are made to fit you perfectly, and are handcrafted with thick-cut leather so they will last you for the rest of your life. Built to be versatile, these belts go perfectly with your casual jeans or your refined dress pants. They come in two widths: our one-inch and our one-and-a-half inch.

5 Ways To Make Your ColsenKeane Bag Uniquely Yours

There are many details that make a ColsenKeane bag special: full-grain leather, expertly hand-crafted, finished with heavy-duty hardware to create a bag that will last. These bags are heirloom-quality, meant to be passed down to your next generation, so make yours unique to you.

1. Choose your favorite hide to set the scene for your bag’s narrative.  

Cow hides and Buffalo hides, in a wide array of colors - the choice is yours! Each color of hide has its own character, just like you. Every touch, every spill, every sunny afternoon builds character. With time and use, your leather bag will develop a patina unique to you. 


2. Custom Inserts for Organization.

Optional leather inserts can help keep your bag organized. Our inserts have pockets for small things like your phone, pens, or your business cards. They snap easily into your bag, held securely at the top with a removable screw; snap them in when you need them, pop them out when you don’t. 

3. Strap Up Your Bag.

Shoulder straps, cross-body straps, Pro-Series straps, we’ve got strap options for when you’re on the go. Need both hands free? Consider adding our backpack straps option to your bag. Whatever suits your lifestyle, carry style, or personal style - we’ve got you covered.


4. Speaking of On The Go…

Find yourself running to catch a flight or navigating a busy airport often? Colsenkeane can add a rollerboard strap across the back of your bag, which allows you to easily slide it onto your rolling suitcase handle. Our rollerboard straps can be added to any Satchel, and truly make your bag uniquely outfitted for you.

5. Add your monogram.

Of all the ways to make a ColsenKeane bag unique to you, your family, and the narrative this bag will continue to tell for future generations, getting your monogram on your bag is most impactful. Add your initials to truly make it yours; your future generations will treasure your personalized heirloom. 

An Heirloom For The Holidays!

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming holiday festivities, it is time to start looking for meaningful gifts. We have created a guide with some of our favorite pieces to help you find the perfect gift for your friends and family! Our handcrafted leather goods are built to last for generations and are customizable so no two pieces are exactly alike. Find the perfect heirloom-quality gift with our holiday gift guide!

Gifts For Her

We all have a wine lover in our lives. Our finely handcrafted Double Wine Bottle Carrier in Full-Grain Crazy Horse leather is the perfect way for someone to show off their style as they bring their favorite bottles to a party. Show off their inner sommelier with a handmade Wall Mounted Wine Rack! This rustic piece comes in either Crazy Horse or Havana Brown and creates a convenient space to store the good stuff.

A Full-Grain leather Tote or a Satchel is perfect for the person always on the go! With over 13 different Totes, 16 different Satchels, all in varying sizes and with customizable inserts, create a gift that really tells a story about the person receiving it. For a more minimalist feel, our Clutches are the way to go. Sleek and small enough to fit the essentials, our Clutches come in 5 different Full-Grain leather hides including Crazy Horse, Natural Tan, Glazed Tan, Buffalo Red, and Deep Black!

Gifts For Him

Bring out his inner mountain man with a rugged, leather shaving case! Perfect for packing all of their shaving and hygiene needs in one place, you can even pack it full for him. We carry Rockwell’s Originals razors, brushes, and even a metal double tooth barber comb. Give the smooth look of leather to match the smoothness of a clean-shaven face. For the traveler in your life, a custom leather duffle bag is perfect for long trips. Built with durability in mind these bags can take on even the toughest of baggage handlers. This bag can be fitted with custom inserts to help stay organized on the go. Travel around the world and back curating a nice patina with age!

Wallet’s and Belts make perfect heirlooms to pass on to the next generation. Find handcrafted Full-Grain leather belts fit to their size, and wallets of many different styles that work for all situations. Get them custom imprinted with their initials for a gift that will definitely leave an impression.

Gifts That Keep On Giving

All of the gifts mentioned above are custom, handcrafted leather, built with such detail, that they will be handed down for multiple generations. Make it extra special by having the recipient’s initials engraved for a more personalized heirloom.

The beauty of finely handcrafted leather is that it becomes more stunning with age as the leather patinas and gives off its own personality. Discover the difference real Full-Grain handcrafted leather makes with one of our many gifts this holiday season. When a gift is built to be handed down over multiple generations, it pays for itself time and time again.

Give the gift of memories.

The New Denali Collection!

The New Denali Collection!

The Feel Of Denali

New leather is often stiff and needs to be worn over time. This can sometimes be a long and uncomfortable process. Our new Denali Collection uses full-grain chrome & vegetable tanned cowhide, with a pull-up effect that gives rich, rugged color, and makes the bag feel worn in as soon as you get it! Perfect for an everyday bag you can take anywhere, and guaranteed to last for life! Check out our new collection in Denali Black, Brown, and Tan!

The Winston Pouch

If you find yourself with handfuls of small items, like chargers, pens, or glasses, the Winston Pouch provides a perfect safe haven. This zipper pouch was made to work with a variety of goods instead of being only for a specific few pieces. The soft Denali Black truly makes this an heirloom good created for daily use. Easily transport your core items between bags & enjoy the convenience! Coming in two sizes, this pouch may be one of the most versatile pieces we’ve made. 

The Mail Bag

Coming in all shades of the Denali Collection, the Mail Bag was built to form around whatever you need to carry in your everyday life. With an optional additional pouch to help you organize and a flap that doesn’t close, there is no limit to what you can fit in this bag! Built for an everyday commute, or a weekend out of town, this is the perfect bag for you!

Dear Jan, Find The Best Bag For Your Career Transition.

"I recently graduated college with a degree in journalism. When I was in school, I used an old JanSport backpack that my sister passed on to me when she left for college 6 years ago. I loved the bag because she had put my initials on the inner pocket with a sharpie. While lacking in structure and durability, the bag was what I used to lug my books and journals all across campus. Needless to say, the Jansport didn't graduate college with me 😢. I'm writing you awesome guys at ColsenKeane to help me find the perfect bag to start my new career as a journalist! I want something stylish, versatile, spacious (but not bulky), and most importantly, D-U-R-A-B-L-E. What would you recommend!

(An email sent to us by a recent customer, Jan Neely)

Making the jump from being a student to a professional is definitely a milestone. That transition shouldn't be taken lightly and, if possible, commemorated. When Janet sent us this email, we knew what she needed. 

Introducing The No. 719. In Denali Brown

At ColsenKeane, we consider our leather goods the antithesis of the cookie-cutter style. We use only the best materials to craft our handmade cowhide purses and distressed leather tote handbags. The No 719 is a bag that helps distinguish the wearer.

The Details

Although the design is minimalist, the storage features are anything but. Whether you are packing for a day trip or heading to work, this tote can keep all your essentials organized. The snap closure on our distressed leather tote handbags gives you the option to carry it open or closed. We offer optional pocket inserts to keep your phone, pens, or small toiletries and sundries organized and secure. From laptops, articles of clothing, and water bottles to other small personal items, our tote bags give you the room to live your life on the go.

Why You'll Love It!

 The Denali Brown leather is different than any other leather we've ever used. Its design is a subtle nod to the totes worn a century ago in the roaring twenties. They say fashion is cyclical and we certainly believe this tote is reclaiming its time in the limelight.

If style is what you desire, then the No. 719 tote-ally delivers. Its Havana accents speak volumes while its rich, supple oil-tanned hide exudes a humble air of confidence. If you're looking to make a statement in the street or in a boardroom, buy this bag.

The Icing On Top.

Janet said she wanted something stylish, spacious (but not bulky), and durable. She wanted something that could help her transition from student to professional and hopefully last longer than her beloved Jansport. The no.719 is the perfect solution to Janet's query. Its stunning pull-up effect lends the bag the style that Janet was looking for. It's also over engineered to last multiple lifetimes, so Janet will definitely be able to pass this on to her grandkids. Better yet, we can even add in her initials on the bag just like her sister did for her! We will use something a little more suitable than a sharpie, though!