Father’s Day Fundamentals

Father’s Day — a momentous occasion to show appreciation for our own fathers as well as tip our collective hat to dads everywhere. With this commemorative holiday comes the tradition of giving a special gift: A tangible token of a child’s love. A timeless souvenir that encapsulates an eternal familial bond. A relic that expresses recognition, respect, and lifelong gratitude.

ColsenKeane understands that no gift stands the test of time better than our artisan handcrafted leather bags, small goods, and provisions. Our practical, rugged products make excellent solutions for your father’s commute, workday, projects, and more. Whether you’re looking to upgrade his current messenger bag to our leather satchel, allow him to plan in style with a leather portfolio, or gift him a durable journal cover to house his creative writing endeavors, ColsenKeane has the perfect items for your dad!

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Products featured in this video:

No. 4313 - Minimalist Standard Leather Satchel in Crazy Horse

No. 715 - Notepad Portfolio in Crazy Horse Brown

No. 117 Medium Journal Cover Crazy Horse

All Things Apple

We live in a world of virtual interaction. People all over the globe rely on technology to communicate with friends and family, get work done, hone their craft, entertain, educate themselves — the list goes on! That's why we've tailored some of our products to one of the most ubiquitous consumer electronics companies out there — Apple. Modern devices require modern solutions, and here at ColsenKeane, we're all about custom leather solutions! 

Whether you're looking to upgrade your Apple Watch band, gift one of our handcrafted iPhone sheaths to a friend, or want to protect your iPad on the go, the experts at our leather shop fully understand what it takes to give your devices rugged flair that doesn't compromise protection. Since our line of products is built to last a lifetime, you can wave goodbye to the endless cycle of buying cheaply-made accessories that don't support your devices for as long as you need them to.

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Products featured in this video:

No. 718 - Apple Watchband in Glazed Tan

No. 1214 - Tablet Portfolio Case in Crazy Horse Brown

No. 213 - Tech Case in Crazy Horse Brown

Welcome to the Workshop

Welcome to the Workshop — a platform that allows us to launch new concepts and products by pre-order. For a limited time only, customers will have the opportunity to the product at a discounted promotional price. If the new concept reaches its goal, we’ll craft it — placing your contribution in ColsenKeane history.

At ColsenKeane, we’re always pushing the leathery envelope forward. From consulting on innovative handmade leather bag designs to spending weeks on our work tables crafting the perfect products for our customers, we strive to separate ourselves from lesser goods that just don’t get the job done. Whether you’re looking for utility bags for your gear or attaché case for easy access to your everyday items, we assemble each item with your needs in mind—and now you have a chance to be part of that exciting process! To take advantage of our Workshop deals, use the codes "CKAttaché" or "CKUtility" at checkout.

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Products featured in this video:

No. 4315 - Attaché Case in Crazy Horse

No. 217 Utility Bag in Relaxed Mahogany

The Graduation Collection

Graduation is a stepping stone into all things new and novel: starting your career, acclimating to a different community, upgrading your vehicle...the list goes on! Mark this momentous day for yourself or a loved one with something that will last a lifetime, and carry on your legacy — our handcrafted leather products.

We offer a variety of items that make excellent commemorative pieces; from compact and practical solutions like sunglasses sheaths and passport covers to sizeable and heavy-duty gear like travel cases and custom handmade leather bags. Utilize our line of leather goods to equip you for all your future endeavors — daily commutes, business trips, vacations, and every occasion that lets you experience something extraordinary. 

For more information about all of our products, including everything from sunglasses sheaths to handmade leather bags, contact ColsenKeane today!

Products featured in this video:

No. 1016 - Field Notes & Passport Cover Crazy Horse

No. 1116 - Backpack in Crazy Horse

No. 613 - Large Duffle in Havana Brown

Leather Journal Covers: Writing Your Own Ticket



Our custom-made leather journals let you ditch the composition notebook and let your ideas slip into something a bit more comfortable. Just like our custom handmade leather bags or our buffalo leather satchels, our journal covers come in a variety of sizes to perfectly accommodate your note-taking needs. We partnered with the renowned brand Field Notes to create one-of-a-kind leather goods matching the rugged aesthetic of their pieces. They’re perfect for when you need to jot down your thoughts and sketches, or if you need a large journal cover to introduce an earthy, durable sense of pride to your more significant undertakings. For more information about how our handcrafted leather goods marry rustic aesthetic and impressive functionality, contact ColsenKeane today!

Products featured in this video: