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No. 4313 - Minimalist Standard Leather Satchel in Original Scotch Grunge - ONLY THREE MADE - SOLD OUT!


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Sold Out


Over six years ago I found about 50 hides that changed everything for us.  These hides were sitting in a pile on the floor of one of the locations here in North Carolina where we purchase hides.  The owner of the company purchased these hides not fully aware of where they came from.  The second I saw these leather pieces, I knew they could form a bag with amazing character and heart.  I have been holding onto these last few hides for six years and am now ready to go live with them.  We had just enough to make three of our No. 4313's and not an inch more.  I have searched the internet over to find this replacement and the closest I have found is our current generation of Scotch Grunge and while it's very close it's not the same.  These are the last of our original Scotch Grunge and when these three are sold, the original and first generation of this leather is gone.  Simple minimalist lines, heavy gauged string, copper rivets, solid buckles and our rugged 10 oz. hide forms this bag.  My goal with this No. 4313 was to create the strongest satchel on the market with as little excess as possible.  This feels more like a standard-sized briefcase ideal for a 15" MacBook Pro with a sheath and a few inches of files, books or magazines.  Adjustable strap, optional monogramming and inserts. Approximate size 16" x 10" x 3.5". Handmade in the USA and guaranteed for life.

View a brief video detailing the history of this bag here:

No. 4313 Standard Leather Satchel in Original Scotch Grunge


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