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No. 4313 - Aged & Rugged Thick Brown Satchel - SOLD OUT!


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Sold Out


I have never seen a hide quite like this.  All the marks and blemishes seem to pop off the hide. It has the thickness and weight of some of my beefiest bags yet is as flexible as if I've owned this bag for a decade.  I have had this hide in stock for almost a year now just enough to make two in our No. 4311 model and only one in our No. 4313 design.  I have been on the hunt for additional ones like it but continue to come up short. So, last month I cut it up into a satchel that will be the water-cooler talk of the month.  Also, you can be assured there is not another like this on the planet.  It is a literal one-of-a-kind. Chunky hardware, beefy strap, thick stitching: it’s the acme of American hand-made satchels.  A leather piece this sturdy not only requires hand-stitching but several copper rivets that make this bag last the long-haul. Three heavy-duty buckles finish the last satchel you will ever own.  Ths is the model I personally carry. Adjustable strap, rear insert and optional monogramming. Approximate size 16" x 10" x 3.5". Handmade in the USA and guaranteed for life.

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