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No. 4311 - Cactus Grunge Satchel - SOLD OUT!


(currently, we are offering capital letters only)

Sold Out

I have a huge affinity to towards these bags because this Cactus Grunge was the first leather we used to make our bags years ago. One of my first trips to the leather shop, I found about sixty of these aged hides and purchased all of them. The tannery I purchased them from saw them as "old and too rugged looking."  History and age are what help define our products.  I decided to put a few hides aside for a rainy day and we made the last two Cactus Grunge Satchels ever to be made.  If you decided you want a newspaper pocket or roller board option, I do have a few scraps to add these to your bag. We will also take the current bags a part to sew in a couple of inserts, if you so choose.  You will be one of the few to own our original No. 4311 Cactus Grunge Satchel.  Each satchel takes almost an entire hide to make and about eight hours of pounding, cutting and stitching.  A hand-made piece this sturdy not only requires hand-stitching but over 30 copper rivets that make this bag last the long-haul. Four heavy-duty buckles finish the last bag you will ever own. Adjustable strap and optional monogramming. Approximate size 19" x 12" x 8" (this is a good-sized bag). Handmade in the USA and guaranteed for life. 

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