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I just received my new standard minimalist briefcase (natural). This is my 7th piece of your leatherwork and your quality still remains amazing. This thing is built rugged enough for safari, although I will only use it for to and from the office, should last longer than my working career.


Thanks for the high quality built in US products at what I see as a very reasonable cost.






Good evening,

I hope this finds you all well. I apologize in the delay in sending this email but I wanted to reach out and thank you again for organizing a visit to the shop for my his husband Brian. He had a wonderful experience and has been telling everyone the story of his bag.

So thank you again, it is a beautiful piece of work and something he will cherish for many years before passing it along to our son.

Thank you again,





Hi Scott,

I just received my bag in the mail today and I've got to say it's pretty awesome! I'm very satisfied with it and is definitely the heavy duty kind of bag I wanted. I love all the pockets and think it looks great - my dad and friends I've shown it to are all super jealous of me now.

Thanks again for your work on this, being so accommodating to my requests, and for getting it to me so fast! I really couldn't ask for a better bag.






Bayli and Scott,

I received my bag a few days ago and just loaded it all back up to take on a business trip with me today. 

I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note, I love how everything turned out! The keychain holder is just how I envisioned and the shortened strap is exactly the length I wanted.

Thank you again for working with me on those items and I'm ecstatic to have my bag back! I love it!





Received on Saturday and I wanted to thank you, it is perfect! I absolutely love it and will be sharing with all of my architect and engineering companions. 


There is no other 11x17 portfolio out there and I really think it will be highly desirable. Thanks again. 


Rick Sconyers, AIA





I returned from a business trip this past week and came home to the box containing the No. 314 (Classic Satchel in Scotch Grunge) I ordered.  This satchel is amazing and definitely worthy of the ColsenKeane name.  While I enjoy my 820 satchel, the 314 has the additional space and construction is better suited for out-of-town business meetings.  Not that the 820 is going away, my wife has already claimed it for those work days when it is necessary to coordinate accessories.


Thank you again for the attention to detail and prompt customer service.  It is greatly appreciated.







To whom it may concern,


This email is being sent a bit late, but I wanted to thank you for getting my wife's Mother's Day Gift of a Natural Tan Traveler ready and mailed so quickly. 


I placed my order via the website on 5/24 and then called and pleaded with the courteous gentleman who answered the phone to make sure I didn't bomb out (again) on Mother's day. I received the assurance that you guys would do your best to get the bag to my door by the 29th and lo and behold, you came through!


My wife really liked the bag the moment she saw it (she is not a fan of purses), but fell in love with it when she received two unsolicited compliments on the first day she used it. Many more compliments and a bit of patina later, she's still in the honeymoon period.


It's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship and easy on the eyes to boot. Keep up the fantastic work and thanks again!






"ColsenKeane, it's a lifestyle, of a life well-lived".


Love your work and can never wait to get your next piece of art. Have collected & carried fine leather for many years, never have enjoyed as much as yours. Best wishes & thanks.







I just wanted to say thank you for the excellent products and service! We ordered a couple of different items recently, including a journal. My parents recently stopped in to pick up a guitar strap that was custom made with Crazy Horse and everyone there was very welcoming. The strap is incredible! We’ll be ordering more soon, for sure! Thanks so much.


-John-Elliott Carter




Hello Scott,


I want to thank you & your team of leather-smiths for the wonderful craftsmanship in making all the products I have purchased so far. I keep getting enquired on the moleskin journal whenever I walk into meeting rooms. And I noticed a few jaws drop too!  When people come visiting me at my desk, they can't take their eyes off the Crazy horse accessories - coaster, mouse pad, wallet etc. I have the complete crazy horse collection now with the arrival of the satchel. 


And today, my wife is super happy with the black tote bag. The tan handle is adding to the uniqueness of the bag. She now wants the deep black clutch to complete her collection! :))


I have been visiting your website for 3 years before deciding to order. Now I completely trust the quality. Thank you so much, once again, for making these dream products! 


Regards, Mohammad Muzzammil


Bayli and Scott-


My bag is an absolute work of art. Just amazing work. Size, color and texture are perfect. The natural wallet works great too. You've got a customer here for sure. 

Thanks so much. Please tell anyone considering your products to email me for a recommendation. Will send you some pics of my bag in action over time.  




Words on the Word


No. 510 Medium Moleskine


No. 410 Field Notes




I can only describe myself as truly delighted - they exceed any expectations I had. The quality of the leather and workmanship is truly fantastic.

They are attracting comment and admiration from all quarters ... 

Thank you SO much for your flexibility, speed and professionalism ... and for the quality of the products.

I am a VERY VERY happy customer. 

With best regards







Hopefully this will expose the customer base to what I believe is a vastly superior bag. Loving my satchel so far.






This is my review of your No. 215 case, after I got it today:


The case arrived today, and the quality of the leather and build did not disappoint. The leather was evenly tanned and was a constant thickness thru the entire case. The case is larger than described in the product photos and I will pack it to the brim! I paid for 2-day shipping and I got it on the 2nd day, no problem. This was my first purchase from ColsenK and I will buy from them again! Recommended.








On the small trucker wallet - I ordered 2, one for a friend and one for myself. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. Everything I need can now fit in the palm of my hand.


On the standard portfolio case - Heaven. Just started a small at home business and this is great when I'm meeting perspective clients. This will definitely be handed down.


And women who think these items are just for men, think again. I'm a woman and they exude pure class and simplicity. The quality speaks for itself.





I just wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with my Crazy Horse backpack.
I use it to carry EVERYTHING to and from work and have room to spare. I have been using it for a week and have already received over 15 compliments. I've been looking for the perfect backpack since college  over twenty years ago. The closest I came to finding what I had in mind was a bag someone had brought back from Amsterdam, I saw that about 15 years ago. My Colsen Keane backpack is much better than that one. It completely exceeds my (high) expectations. Thanks again.

Take care,



Hello Scott-

I received the custom satchel this evening.  Absolutely amazing!  I truly appreciate the work and effort that went into making this vision of mine a reality, and I couldn't be happier with the result.






My Scotch Grunge Large 4311 satchel arrived today.  It more than met my expectations.  It is amazing.  I appreciate the time you put into making it.  I am excited to see the use I will get out of it and how it will age. 

Again, thanks!  Ruey


Dear Scott, I would like personally commend you for the outstanding work you do. Admittedly, I consider myself as big into leather as yourself. Prior to finding out about you the finest leather article I have is a belting leather journal that has aged beautifully over the past twenty years. I have had tailor made suits and custom made hats, however nothing I posses is as attention-getting as your leather. I just recently received a 4313 Horween Brown Satchel from your shop; and as I was entering my congregation meeting last week a friend of mine walked up to me and said where did you get that bag! Notice the person did not say hello Calvin first. It is a similar reaction I get when I am taking notes with either my scotch grunge or my horween brown journals. You have in me a customer for life. Keep up your great work. Calvin


As a kiwi, living in Shanghai, and as a man who has grown up around nature and its products, I knew that I wanted one of your 

Minimalist Standard Satchel's from the moment I saw it in Mac Life Magazine. 

It’s just arrived and I am genuinely excited to be the proud owner of such a high quality product.

Thanks for the hard work and time you put into making this for me.


Dominic, Shanghai


Dear Scott,

I just wanted to tell you that I discovered your name in a magazine while taking the plane last year or two years ago, I don’t remember. Since that time I often go to your website, with the same idea : buying one of your products !

I hesitated for a long time and finally decided to buy the Natural Tan. Like I bought a sleeve for my iPad in natural tan three years ago. And you’re right, it becomes caramel with the sun light. I love it because it seems that the bag is born with me and it becomes older with me. I’m a lover of leather things. And when I feel that these things become older and older from their color, I feel like they have an history with me. Nice.

So thank you for your passion, for your business, and I’m looking forward to receive that Satchel. But take your time (not so much !), you’re at the origin of a new leather story in my life ! ;-)

Kind regards, 


Chicago, IL


Colsen Keane and team,

I received my new duffel in the mail today. It is perfect. The quality is even more than I expected. Received sooner than expected too!

As a leather guy and a bag junkie I have spent way too much over the years looking for that one perfect bag for my travels. I think this one is it.

Having owned most of the big name products, including Saddleback (which is great quality too), I have to say your craftsmanship is second to none. Being also made in the USA sold me.

Thank you for the great bag. Happy customer. A pair of your new boots will be my  next splurge; they look like my Red Wing Beckmans, only better.


Lexington, KY



I JUST picked up the box from the condo office and opened it moments ago. Pardon my language but I'm not shitting you, the satchel is absolutely awesome! Colsen Keane (and specifically you) are highly praised!

I will honestly say I'm not entirely sure how many leather bags and such I will purchase going forward but I can guarantee you that Colsen Keane has a customer for life. First choice. Period. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Kudos to all of you!




Dear Scott

I have been in healthcare nearly 30 years and am senior healthcare executive with Accenture.  I have probably purchased nearly $6k worth of Tumi luggage for myself and my family over the years and on most days I probably look like every other consultant in North America.  I was looking for something different - preferably something of very high quality and made in the USA - not sure exactly what I was looking for but I was confident I would know it when I saw it - and I came across an ad for Colsen Keane in one of the in-flight magazines. I spent some time checking out the Colsen Keane website and calling the company and leaving a message - and I was actually shocked when a real person called me back. Scott Hofert spent 30 minutes talking with me and I ordered a #840 Desert Sand Satchel, a #4311 Standard Grunge Satchel with custom inserts and roller board straps, and a Crazy Horse Tech Case #213.  I absolutely love these bags and use the #4311 for overnight trips when I need to carry a laptop as well as books and papers and I use the #840 for overnight trips and as a high-end "book bag" when I just want to get caught up on my reading at a coffee shop.  The quality and uniqueness of these bags is unrivaled and I am very very happy with my purchases.  Scott offers excellent, stylish, and unique products that are made in America and come with a lifetime warranty. 

Great work Scott - Thank you. 





It's been a super long time since I got so nervous about opening a simple package.
I sat and stared at the box for close to 35 minutes.
Then, it happened.!
I worked up enough courage to open it.
Slow, of course. 
With care.
With a smooth downward movement of a steel blade I cut it open.

I could simply smell the goodness instantly. Leather, fine leather, has a smell. A certain smell. 

Then I saw it. Just a glimpse. But I saw it. 
Like a sexy exotic girl from a across the bar, I saw her.
I was afraid to touch her, but I did. All of her. Top to bottom. Inside an out.
I pulled her this way.
Tugged her that way.
Held her in the light. 
Held her up tight.

Today, I fell in love! 

Thank you Scott...Todd


I’m a huge collector of handmade things such as old exotic wood furniture, old hand made vintage guitars, and HANDMADE leather goods such as jackets and luggage.  This has become a “hobby” which I “inherited” from my beloved father who was an ex Pan Am pilot whose home was the WORLD!!! Not even in Argentina I could come up with a “satchel” or bag that measured to my expectations. After I checked your site I knew that “this was it”, so I called your workshop about 2 weeks ago and asked that if I ordered the Standard Saddle Tan Satchel whether I would receive it by Christmas.  It think it was you who told me that you were actually cutting one right now and if I wanted to order it right away I could do so.  I said I would go ahead and order it through your website since I was walking into my office at that moment. I did order my bag, and received it 4-5 days afterwards. Words can’t describe this bag…custom made…hand made….made with love and passion…This is THE bag that I’ll carry every day, and I thank you for it. I truly wish that we could all go back to the true original AMERICANA concept of “made with love and pride by American hands”. I congratulate you and wish you all the best. Thanks again Scott for my perfect Christmas gift.   -Luis


“I've been hunting for a quality case for my iPad for a while and came across your site. Then I saw your videos, and just the raw quality of what you're doing sucked me in and I spent like an hour looking at the pictures. :)


The passion for your craft just really shines through and the philosophy of making something by hand that's simple, honest, the finest quality that will last forever and improve/weather over time, the fact that it changes as you use it, that just really resonated. It's exactly what I was looking for.”  -Tim


“I got the case in the mail today and it was closer to what i was looking for than i anticipated. Thanks again.”  -Joseph


“I received your I Pad leather sheath and I can only describe it as “hand crafted rugged elegance” and I am very happy with it.”  -Pete


“Received my iPad case today, couldn't be happier. It's a real work of art. Thanks so much!”  -Laurie, New York


“I would like to thank you for your customer service. It was really exemplary and my friend adores the second wallet. The materials and workmanship are fantastic.

I will certainly recommend you to anyone I know looking for such a product and wish you good luck with your business. Many Thanks!”  -Jason, London, England


"Saw the iPad case on a podcast and immediately ordered one with the baseball glove stitching. Within a couple of days it was made and shipped, nicely packed and with tracking number notification. The care and quality of, as well as the pride in, the construction is obvious and it is a pleasure to carry such a stylish, unique case. I suspect that after the novelty of the iPad wears off, this case will still attract attention!"  -Campbell, Beijing, China


"Quickly made and shipped, the baseball glove-themed case is well designed and obviously created with excellent materials, workmanship, and pride. I own three leather sleeves, but this is the one that is carried."  -Barry


Have loved the iPad case and have got numerous kudos from friends and people who have seen it. THANKS AGAIN!! -Robert


This item is so beautiful, and it's simplicity makes it perfect. -Andy


I bought one of these from you as a gift for someone else and fell in love with it. So I bought two more...  -Elaine


I received them (purchased five No. 76 Travel Cases) and they look great.  Thanks so much.  -Jeff


Was looking at your leather iPad case. Gorgeous!  -Blueostrich