June 14, 2016


Regarding House Bill 2

 We believe in people. We believe in truth, grit, honesty, strength, the qualities that built this country and that we see embodied every day in our community.  It is about profoundly more than a bathroom, it is acknowledging the unique qualities of the individuals with whom we share our existence and celebrate our differences. Our children, our elderly, our veterans depend on us to treat them fairly and with the respect they deserve as individuals.

We as a company at ColsenKeane support equality and freedom for our fellow Americans. It was our city of Charlotte’s initial action that prompted the NC General Assembly and Gov. Pat McCrory’s extreme and, frankly, upsetting response to reverse the progress that had been made here in our fair city.

Speaking on a personal note, I am proud to be both a valued member of the CK team and a part of the LGBTQA+ community. The support of my company and my director means stability and a sense of both purpose and acceptance, one that I have only recently been privileged to experience.

I hope that we as a society reach for the day where our children are free from the start and granted the ability to be integrated into their home and school lives, as we prepare them to take on the mantle of adulthood, citizenship, and perhaps one day to become a beloved partner or parent. May they know they are safe and loved, and may they strive to become the person they might be, without fear or consequence. Let us change, for them and for those whom we yet one day may encounter.

Our company looks forward to it. Let us welcome this opportunity together.


Bay Robinson

Director of Operations

ColsenKeane Leather, LLC