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    The Workshop

    Welcome to the Workshop, where you have a chance to be a part of ColsenKeane history! While we love crafting custom leather goods we love our customers even more, your support and ideas make ColsenKeane what it is today.

    In the Workshop we are bringing to life all of the new ideas that come into the studio. We sit at the bench and spend weeks artistically hand crafting these new designs and this is your chance to get involved!

    New products will be available by Pre-Order and offered at a rare 30% off for a limited period of time! From the launch date of the new item in the workshop, to the time the new product will be produced, we ask that you allow 8 weeks for construction and shipping. Please note - the special pricing of our Workshop designs can't be combined with any other coupon codes. 

    NOTE: The below coupon code only works with items in the Workshop and NOT with any other items on our site.  If you want to purchase the below item along with another one and receive the coupon code discount, then please make TWO separate purchases.  Thank you for understanding.

    The Workshop FAQ's