No. 4315 - Attaché Case

After a customer requested something sleek, even hinting at elegant, we were intrigued. These are not words you'd typically apply to our rugged satchels and duffles, but we're not ones to turn down a challenge.

The No. 4315 slowly came together, and you can officially call us in love. This bag marks a new level of refinement for us, while still maintaining that heavy leather and fantastic attention to detail you've come to expect. There are multiple layers of our 5/6oz leather throughout this bag, and it's a labor of love combining them with an old school hand done saddle stitch. The absolute bare minimum of hardware and handles that slide away make it a piece I wouldn't hesitate to call polished. 

The expandable sides mean you can stuff it full of files, laptop and documents but it also means that it is admirably slim with just a tablet and a few papers. Designed to fit up to a 15" laptop comfortably, don't let it fool you. This bag is an every day work horse. Add an optional shoulder strap for true flexibility.

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