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    No. 4316 Satchel

    For a long time now, we've discussed what the next step in innovation for our leather experience could be. After nearly two years of planning, we created the No. 4316 based on our experiences and on what our wonderful clients have shared with us.

    This bag maintains our obsession with durability and quality, and introduces an element of flexibility and the ability to truly customize your bag to suit your specific needs. If those needs change over the course of your career, you have the option to modify your bag to work with your changing experience. The design of the bag is very intentional with the belts encircling it, almost an artistic design element in of themselves.

    These bags become more than just a utilitarian item, they become part of daily experience. When I drop it, when I mark it, it tells my story. It carries more than the things I value, and becomes a thing of value standing on its own. 

    The options are completely interchangeable, a la carte depending on what your carry requires from day to day and year to year over your lifetime.

    All accessories available in Havana Brown in addition to our other leathers! Don't see the color your heart is set on? Email us,!